Group exercises


Latin inspired fitness class that combines all the rhythms in Latin music.

Zumba applies dance moves from Salsa, Cumbia, Merengue, Rumba, Mambo, Belly Dance, Flamenco, Samba, Tango, Reggatone and of course Hip Hop. Come get your Zumba on at Rio Fit at the beautiful St Anthony Hotel.

Sunrise Yoga

The morning is considered a "divine time" in Yoga and when an individual's

spiritual energy is at its peak. Clarity, creativity, and peace of mind and body are benefits of sunrise yoga, the mornings over the St Anthony Hotel are like no other, starter your day of right with yoga Rio fit style.





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Sunset Yoga

In the evening restore yourself back to the NEW you with Sunset yoga, your spiritual energy will restore itself after you take this class, you will once again feel the restoration of your body. turn back the hands of time & become one with the beautiful sunset over San Antonio sky's as you become whole again after a long day, end your evening in style with sunset yoga, the Rio fit way.

Lunch Crunch

Only 1 hour for lunch and you still want to work out, have no fear Rio fit to the rescue, enjoy lunch and crunch the 30 minute workout with lunch provided after from award winning chefs at the Luxurious St Anthony Hotel

replenish your body after a great workout with unforgettable cuisine at Rio Fit..



Nothing like spinning your wheels in the right direction in this Rio fit spin class sure to have you'll be raving about.

This high energy class will have you sweating to the sounds of yesterday & today giving you the body you've always wanted in no time, come spin away in Rio fit spin, your body will thank you later


Rio Sports

This sports specific class will take your game to the next level, be it golf, football or basketball, baseball soccer etc...

Come train with one of San Antonio's top trainers in a unique way that challenges you to harness your inner beast, your game will never be the same after Rio Sports


Circuit Class

This station themed class will have your body guessing whats coming next in this medium to high impact Circuit class. What better way to challenge your body in a fun, safe and energetic way, come experience Rio Circuit at the beautiful St Anthony Hotel.


Aquatic Conditioning

Want to experience the same activity in zero gravity thats great for your joints, yet building speed, endurance and strength?

Then look no further, hit the heated pool and take your training to an elite level.


Rio TrX

This TRX Total body suspension class will get you moving in ways you haven't moved in years, turn back the hands of time in this full body workout class under San Antonio sky's at one of St Anthony beautiful poolside cabanas




personal & private group training

Personal Training

Tailored specifically to the individual, no fitness goal is unobtainable. Our highly qualified personal trainers begin and end with a proper warm-up/cool down, implement stretching techniques in addition to an assortment of core, flexibility, cardiovascular, weight training and strengthening exercises. Our well versed fitness professionals offer a vast expertise of the health and wellness industry covering the entire exercise spectrum. from Sports Performance training to post-rehab sessions, it is our belief that anyone no matter their age or fitness level can participate in sessions at Rio Fit and be successful.




Private Training

Want to take your exercise experience to the next level? Try out one of our Coaches. At Rio Fit, our fitness professionals go through a series of tests and assessments to determine their ability, creativity, spirit and charisma before they are hired as a Coach to represent Rio Fit and our model. You can trust that you will achieve your goals and more working with a Rio Fit Coach.


Group Training

Camaraderie, competition, and support is key to success in one's fitness journey. Private group training sessions are an unforgettable way of tackling fitness goals together. whether you are looking to compete, make some new friends, or discover a new passion, Rio Fit will outfit the perfect program for your group.


rio fit fuel

Tired of eating the same ole unhealthy tex-mex or quick bite on the go during your lunch hour or before/after work or a workout. WE HEAR YOU! Rio fit will offer a line of supplements and healthy eating options for those who are looking to live the “Fit” lifestyle. We will have a meal prep service that will offer healthy smoothies, protein shakes, flavorful fresh juices and portion controlled meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Our food will offer the unique flare and regional taste without the added calories that normally come along with it. And, for the business professionals who are in a time crunch, our “Nutrition Valet”

will even deliver a healthy Smoothie or snack right to your building!  Sign up for monthly meal plans

and reach your goals in no time!





Rio Fit fuel

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river barge fitness

River Barge Fitness

 Pioneering new ways to get fit and experience the culture of our city is what we’re all about at Rio Fit and we’ve teamed up with Rio San Antonio cruises to bring a game changing fitness program to the Riverwalk and Downtown San Antonio. Coming early 2017 you will be able to get a high energy cardio workout in a floating spinning class, or find your center & strengthen your balance with your favorite yoga poses as you sail down the San Antonio River. Book your appointment now and don't miss out on this incredible exercise experience. (Class includes a Rio Fit T-Shirt)



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fitness tours

Fitness Tours

The options are vast! Our certified and well trained fitness guides will offer a wide variety of ways to see our BEAUTIFUL Riverwalk and really take in the city’s history, the wonder of the wildlife and historic architecture, as well as many of the brand new additions to downtown San Antonio. With our Organic Fitness model, the options of how and where to get your exercise really is all dependent on your mood that day. with numerous options to be active, from resistance training & running tours, photo jogging & elliptical tours, serious cycling, outdoor yoga, bootcamps, zumba, crossfit, etc...The list truly goes on & on. It is our passion to outfit unforgettable exercise experiences. (Class includes a Rio Fit T-Shirt)

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